Release 0.0.7 ( Beta 7 )

Installers and signatures


  • #431 Findbugs failing on Travis (spanning several builds)
  • #430 Add a 'call to action' button on the languages seector screen
  • #429 Add button on Languages preference wizard to translation site
  • #428 BIP44 soft wallet falling back to rolling backups
  • #427 Move block explorer option to Manage wallet
  • #426 Empty wallet not enabled after sync
  • #425 Pressing ESC on credentials view reveals underlying screen
  • #424 Wizard title font is too big (in German)
  • #422 Current wallet not being remembered on credentials screen
  • #421 Remove Cavirtex from list of exchanges
  • #420 Header isn't updating quite right.
  • #418 Help icon in sidebar becomes invisible
  • #417 Empty wallet block confirmation status not being cleared
  • #416 Ensure Install4j can upgrade Beta 7
  • #415 Remove screenshots from help and multibit-hd.jar
  • #414 When a wallet is emptied, prefix "Empty wallet - " to the wallet description
  • #413 Mockito is in multibit-hd.jar - required ?
  • #411 Order list of wallets alphabetically
  • #410 Remove extended public key from contacts if we are not yet supporting it
  • #409 The gap in time from when a send goes to first peer and when it comes back from others needs filling
  • #403 Add Preference for choosing a block explorer
  • #398 Add support for Trezor GetAddress display when requesting bitcoin in a "hard" wallet trezor
  • #384 Corben font on Windows is not rendering smoothly
  • #372 Help isn't legible in dark theme
  • #370 Ensure position of change (and client fee) outputs are randomised in transactions
  • #358 Look into bundling Carlito as the body font for modern look and feel
  • #356 Help load is on event thread - no network can (temporarily) freeze MBHD
  • #343 On Mac: selecting About using the Application menu does not switch sidebar to Tools
  • #296 Empty wallet can say there is a BRIT fee when it actually gets elided
  • #290 On a send you cannot paste in the amount without a recipient
  • #280 If user sets a cloud backup dir backup should be performed immediately
  • #154 Create Fee wizard in Preferences