Release 0.0.4 ( Private Beta 4 )

Installers and signatures


  • #205 Put the password box into the confirmation screen for empty wallet
  • #200 Change "restore wallet from seed or backup" to "restore wallet"
  • #196 Down arrow does not work for Sending/ Receiving
  • #187 There is an ophan 'wallets' parameter in the config yaml. Remove
  • #186 Recipient of payments of type "Sent" shows only "n/a"
  • #185 Add Travis build
  • #184 Bad report message when not enough money in wallet
  • #183 Link "Extended public key" parameter name in contacts entry to documentation page
  • #181 Paste Bitcoin address needs immediate validation
  • #179 Test Failure when Compiling with Java 8 on Windows 8.1
  • #178 When user uses £ old tx using GBP have that prefixed in the transactions list unnecessarily
  • #177 Crash when clicking in transaction detail on "View on"
  • #176 After restart wallet suddenly displayed as empty (0.0) and last transaction not displayed in payments list
  • #174 Hear no sound in 0.0.3 Linux (PB3)
  • #173 Adjust create wallet warning text to include "Do not print"
  • #171 Unlock button hidden on "Enter password" screen
  • #166 On a Mac, using menu option Preferences does not HIGHLIGHT the Preferences in sidebar
  • #165 Possible race condition in BitcoinURIListeningServiceTest
  • #164 Incorrect language display
  • #162 Available to spend sometimes too low
  • #161 Empty wallet button sometimes disabled for no reason
  • #159 If rolling backup is loaded, MBHD does not check the wallet height and resync automatically
  • #157 restore wallet from seed gives notice of wallet balance as payment
  • #156 If no private note nor QR code label is put on a payment request, combo box is wrong
  • #155 Multiple alerts (and sounds) on receive money
  • #153 Payment info looks like being lost sometimes
  • #148 When synchronising, moving to a new peer resets sync percentage to 0%
  • #146 Run repair wallet after restoring wallet from seed (or make user suppress this)
  • #130 Ensure all data entry fields and buttons have tooltips
  • #124 Fix headings in transactions export
  • #122 Restore from seed or backup no longer offers backup
  • #99 "Empty wallet" is allowed to receiving addresses within the wallet
  • #78 On the Send/Request screen the fiat currency is not right when you switch
  • #33 Single point of reference for wallet balance