Release 0.5.9


  • Version number removed from Mac app name
  • Updated help files
  • Fixed bug on opening wallet that is already open
  • Fixed ticker restart bug
  • Upgrade to bitcoinj v0.8
  • Delete Wallet not shown by default, challenge question added. (see configuration.txt)
  • Romanian added as target language
  • Mac app is now signed with a "James Burton" developer id
  • Fix for Mac retina display showing fuzzy text
  • Twisty and callout panel in the wallet panels have been removed
  • I18n update
  • Update to bitcoinj 0.8-SNAPSHOT
  • added 'Close Wallet'
  • wallets now resync automatically when opened
  • added better sync control on import and reset block chain
  • changed block store to SPVBlockStore - smaller download
  • changed 'Reset block chain and transactions' suggested replay date to 2 days ago
  • reduced default fee to 0.0005 BTC
  • fix for unparseable fee amount
  • apostrophes now appear in French and Italian translations properly