Release 0.5.8


  • Bloom filters now active to speed up block chain sync (when talking to bitcoind v0.8rc1 nodes or later)
  • You can now specify particular peers to connect to with the 'peers' property in (Use a comma separated list)
  • Fix for zero confirmation transaction vulnerability identified by Retep
  • More exchanges supported for currency lookup: MtGox, Bitstamp, BTC-E, CampBX, VirtEx
  • You can use Shift-ArrowUp and Shift-ArrowDown to move between wallets when the Wallets panel is selected
  • Wallet icon now highlighted when wallet is selected, more contrast between selected and unselected
  • Display less flicky when changing languages, fonts and look-and-feel
  • User chosen font now set properly in dialogs and Help screens
  • No longer opens in 'local mode' - it picks up your other MultiBit wallets
  • Removed cacheManager code - no longer supported
  • Backward compatible wallet changes (description added, minor version dropped)
  • Serialised wallets now no longer always load - you may have to use an older version of MultiBit and migrate them to protobuf format
  • Refactoring of encryption code in response to review comments
  • Fix for 'Transaction cannot be cast to Comparable' bug on wallet reorgs