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Currency ticker

The currency ticker is the small table that appears in the top right of the MultiBit Classic screen. It shows the value of 1 bitcoin in various currencies. You can configure the ticker by clicking on it. This opens the 'Preferences' tab. Scroll down to the 'Currency ticker and exchange rate' section.

In the 'Currency ticker and exchange rate' section you can:

  • Select the 'Show currency ticker' checkbox to show the ticker. Unselect it to hide the ticker.

  • Select the 'Show bitcoin converted to fiat currency' checkbox to show fiat equivalents of your bitcoin amounts.

  • Select which columns you want to appear in the ticker.

  • Choose which exchange and currency to show in the first row of the ticker. This currency is used for currency conversions if you have it enabled.

  • Add a second row to the ticker and choose the exchange and currency to show.

To make the changes appear, click on the 'Apply changes' button.

You can quickly show or hide the currency ticker by using the 'View | Show Currency Ticker' and 'View | Hide Currency Ticker' menu options.

How to use the OpenExchangeRates exchange

As an anti-spam measure, OpenExchangeRates requires you to sign up for a free account with them before you can access their 150+ exchanges rates. You can do this within MultiBit Classic.


  1. Choose the exchange "OpenExchangeRates" in the Exchange drop down control.

  2. Press the "Get App ID button. This opens your browser to the sign up page ""

    Fill out the sign up page.

    When you are signed in you will get an "App ID". This is a long string of characters and numbers.

  3. Copy and paste the App ID into MultiBit Classic's "OpenExchangeRates App ID" field and press return.

    You then have access to all the exchange rates by using the 'Currency' drop down list.

Your App ID is saved in your user preferences so you only have to do this once.