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Moving a wallet to different directory

These are considered to be advanced techniques, and we do not officially support them. Please use this information at your own risk.

To move a wallet means copying several files at once. If you are not confident with using a computer like this then you should ask a trusted friend to help you.

You may want to move a wallet to a different location, such as on to a USB drive or a different directory. The files you will need to move will be named according to the original name you gave the wallet (not the description showing in the sidebar). For example, let's say you wanted to move the original wallet, "multibit.wallet", created during installation:

  1. Ensure you have the destination available (e.g. USB stick plugged in, network drive mapped etc)
  2. Locate "multibit.wallet" - the location appears in the title bar when you select the wallet in MultiBit Classic
  3. Multi-select "multibit.wallet" (file) and "" (file) and "multibit-data" (directory)
  4. Use your computer's Copy operation (not Move) to place the files into the destination
  5. Verify that they are OK by using MultiBit Classic's File | Open operation to access the wallet
  6. Close the original wallet to avoid confusion. Closing will not delete the wallet.

Moving from MultiBit Classic to

Normally it is best to leave your Bitcoin wallet in the application that made it.

Sometimes however you need to move your wallet from one application to another. This may be because you would prefer to use another Bitcoin wallet rather than MultiBit Classic. This help file describes how to move a MultiBit Classic wallet to the site.

The general outline is that you export the private keys in your wallet from MultiBit Classic and then import them into

  1. Follow the instructions in the Exporting private keys help page, making sure you export your private keys without password protection. (This is in step 5 on the 'Exporting private keys' page).

  2. Open the private key export file in a text editor and select all the contents. Copy to your paste buffer.
  3. Go into your wallet and select the 'Import/ Export' page.
  4. Select the 'Import Wallet' option on the left hand side.
  5. Paste your private key export from MultiBit Classic in the text area and click the 'Import Wallet' button.
  6. Enter your password when prompted
  7. will import your private keys and find the relevant transactions.
  8. Tidy up: make sure you secure delete any intermediate files that contain your unencrypted private keys. This is to prevent someone reading them later and stealing your bitcoins. is giving me an "Error decrypting" message

There is a known issue with some wallets failing to import correctly. If you only have a few keys to import, you can do them individually using the "Import" option on the site:

  • Use a fresh Notepad and copy the .key file from MultiBit Classic
  • Remove all lines starting with #
  • Remove all dates at the end of the private keys (the keys begin with L or K) and leave no trailing spaces
  • Select the Import option (first item) in
  • Enter each key into the text box and sweep it into