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Reset block chain and transactions

Occasionally you get transactions that never seem to confirm. If you have a transaction that has not confirmed for several hours but you know it is definitely on the block chain, you can reset your wallet as follows:

  1. Open MultiBit and make sure the wallet you are interested in is selected in the 'Wallets' side panel.
  2. Go the 'Tools | Reset Block chain and Transactions' menu option.
  3. This brings up a new screen. On this screen read the notes. If you want to reset the whole wallet click the 'Reset block chain and transactions' button.
  4. MultiBit will start reloading the block chain. This can take some time. Just let it run and download the block chain. When it is finished, your wallet should reflect what is on the block chain.

You can also reset your wallet from a particular date. To do this, select the 'Specify reset date' radio button and select a date in the date chooser. Now when you click on the 'Reset block chain and transactions' button it will do the following:

  1. MultiBit removes all transactions on or after the date specified for the selected wallet.
  2. It then replays the blocks from midnight at the start of the day specified to pick up all the transactions.