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Reporting an issue

We welcome error reports (and your feedback) to improve the software for everyone else. Bear in mind that error reports are for faults with the software in normal operation - not for short-lived situations such as a local network problem.

If you are having trouble sending or requesting bitcoin, first read the dedicated Help articles since they provide specific information to resolve those kinds of problems.

If you are a security researcher you will probably want to read our responsible disclosure process.

The easy way (text only)

Use the "Report error" button on the Help screen

We have implemented an encrypted issue reporting system that will securely provide us with a copy of your log files along with any additional information you would like to add in the comment section. We will analyse these logs (usually in aggregate with others) and identify issues arising from them. You can track them here.

The uploaded error report contains the following information:

  • The last 200Kb of your current logs (your user name is removed)
  • Your operating system name and version (e.g. "OS X 10.9.0")
  • Your MultiBit version (e.g. "0.4.1")
  • Your accompanying notes

You can view the error report by clicking the Details button. You cannot edit the report.

The uploaded error report is encrypted with a public key owned by the MultiBit developers and the upload is conducted over a secure connection to You should read our Privacy Policy if you have concerns about how your data will be used.

Reporting an issue with screen shot

If you have an issue that requires a screen shot to adequately explain then you will need to use our issue reporting system directly.

Use the approach below to get the fastest response from the support team:

  1. Visit the MultiBit Issue reporting center
  2. Click on the "New Issue" button.
  3. Copy the following text:
      Bug report
      Operating System:
      MultiBit Version:
      Steps to replicate the problem:
      1. Add your steps here
  4. Paste the template text and fill it in for your computer. The more detail you can give the quicker we can address the problem. Screen shots are often very useful but be sure to hide any sensitive information since they will be public. Do not blur, simply draw a black filled rectangle over the personal information to ensure no reverse engineering of the blurring takes place.
  5. Provide a screen shot. On Windows, ALT+PrtScr on Windows then paste into Issue editor. On Mac, CMD+SHIFT+4+SPACE+Click then drag image into Issue editor.