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Empty Wallet

To send all your bitcoin to just one Bitcoin address, select "Manage wallet" and then select "Empty wallet".

  1. Enter the address you want to send all your Bitcoin to in the "Recipient" box (or use the dropdown to select a recipient from your contacts).
  2. Enter your wallet password and click "Next". MultiBit will then show a confirmation screen giving you a last chance to back out. If you proceed then MultiBit will submit a transaction to the Bitcoin network which should be considered irreversible. Your wallet will be emptied and your balance will be nil.

Some additional information

Occasionally, the "Empty wallet" icon is greyed out for a few seconds, while MultiBit connects to the Bitcoin network. If the "Empty wallet" icon stays greyed out, you can fix it by repairing your wallet.

You can track your "Empty wallet" transaction along with all your other payments in the payments screen.

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