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Buying and selling bitcoin

To help users buy their first bitcoin we have teamed up with Glidera. They are a company that makes it easy for you to buy and sell bitcoin using your regular bank account.

General procedure

  • Click 'Buy/Sell' on the sidebar to open the wizard.
  • Glidera operates in particular countries. These are listed in the descriptive text but their website is more up to date.
  • To buy bitcoin click the 'Buy bitcoin at Glidera' button. This does two things:
    1. MultiBit opens a browser at the Glidera login page
    2. MultiBit creates and reserves a Bitcoin address in your wallet for any bitcoin Glidera sends you. This appears as a regular payment request
  • To sell bitcoin click the 'Sell bitcoin at Glidera button'. This opens your browser at the Glidera login page.
  • After successful login they will provide an address so that you can send them bitcoin.

Will I need to provide identity information ?

Yes. Like all regulated financial companies, Glidera will require you to provide them with your bank account details and identity documents. This information is never passed back to MultiBit.

Will all my MultiBit wallets be linked to Glidera ?

No. Glidera only require a Bitcoin address from you when you purchase bitcoin. This is similar to making a purchase through a merchant.

If you do not wish to use their service then there is no requirement to do so.

My region is not covered. When can I expect it ?

Glidera have told us that they intend to cover more regions in the upcoming months. If you sign up to their service, they will be able to keep you informed.

I accidentally clicked on the 'Buy bitcoin at Glidera' button and now I have a payment request. What can I do ?

As with all unwanted payment requests they can be deleted as follows:

  1. Go to the Payments screen
  2. Select the payment request
  3. Click the 'Delete request' button.
  4. Repeat for each payment request you wish to delete

If you delete a payment request in error, you can use the 'Undo' button to reverse your action.