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MultiBit HD Help

Selecting Help from the main sidebar menu will provide access to the help built into MultiBit HD.

Browser controls

The Help system controls are similar to a browser's:

  • The Back and Forward arrow buttons allow navigation through the pages
  • The Refresh button reloads the current page
  • The Home button returns you to the contents page
  • The View in External Browser button allows you to visit non-MultiBit pages using your own browser (assuming network connectivity)
  • The Report Error button allows you to upload an error report (see later)

As you encounter links that are outside of the MultiBit HD help the "View in external browser" button will highlight to indicate that clicking this link will start your external browser.

The help files are fetched from the server. If there are any problems fetching this information then a local backup copy is used.

Report Error button

MultiBit HD comes with an encrypted error reporting system built in. You can use this to inform the developers of any problems you are encountering with the software. Simply click the button, enter some details about the problem and click Upload Report.

If you are having trouble sending or requesting bitcoin, first read the dedicated Help articles since they provide specific information to resolve those kinds of problems.

For more information on reporting an error refer to the Report Issue article.

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