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Upgrading MultiBit HD

MultiBit HD is under active development and gets regular updates containing bug fixes and new features.

Whenever the application starts it checks against for any new updates and if one is found an update process is triggered. This will give you the option to upgrade at your convenience.

The upgrade process will usually simply overwrite the old version with the new one. Once the process has completed you will be able to continue working just as you were before.

Technical details

The updater process works as follows:

  1. Check for updates
  2. Present the update wizard as a background process
  3. Download the latest update if the user gives permission
  4. Verify the signature against the Bitcoin Solutions Ltd public key
  5. Overwrite the existing version
  6. Launch the new version

When the new version of MultiBit HD is launched it may perform a wallet update to introduce new features or configuration information. During this process any existing wallets will be automatically backed up.

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