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Restore password

If you forget your wallet password, then you can restore your password from your wallet words.

I have my wallet words to hand

You must keep your wallet words safe, because anyone who knows your wallet words can restore your wallet, and steal your bitcoin.

Avoid exposing your wallet words in a public place which may have high definition surveillance cameras present.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Start MultiBit HD and click Restore from the Unlock screen
  2. Select "I have forgotten my password" and click Next
  3. Select the wallet type (e.g. MultiBit HD or KeepKey) from the drop down list
  4. Enter your wallet words exactly as you wrote them down (order is important)
  5. Observe a "Verified" message when you have completed the list
  6. Click Next
  7. Observe a short delay while your password is extracted then displayed
  8. Click Finish to return to the Unlock screen

I've lost my wallet words is there anything I can do ?

If you have really, truly lost or forgotten both your password and your wallet words then it is likely that you have lost access to your bitcoin.

There is absolutely no way that the MultiBit team can possibly recover them.

You should keep the encrypted wallet files safe just in case inspiration strikes and you somehow remember the password or the location of your wallet words.

At this point your only hope is that you still have control of the wallet and all you need to do is find your password. There are several possibilities to explore:

  1. Make sure that you are using the most recent password you know
  2. Try combinations - change one character at a time to upper- or lowercase, swap characters, add a ! to the end and so on
  3. If the password uses non-English characters consider the effect of the local language mis-coding them
  4. Capitalisation works differently in non-English locales, such as Turkey.

As a last resort go to a quiet room and relax. Think about where you might have put a copy of your wallet words or password. Perhaps one of the following:

  • Hidden file somewhere?
  • USB drive?
  • Encrypted copy held on LastPass or KeePass? You should be using a secure password generator with 14 or more random characters.
  • Accidental copy on a local backup service like Time Machine or rsync?
  • An intentional encrypted copy on SpiderOak, Dropbox or GDrive?
  • Maybe you wrote it down and put it in a book, or an old drawer?
  • Does a trusted friend or relative have a copy?