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To keep your own list of contacts within your wallet, select "Contacts" from the sidebar.

  1. Select "Add" to get a new contact form.
  2. Enter any of the contact's name, email address, bitcoin address.
  3. Enter any tags that you want to group your contacts by.
  4. Enter any private notes about the contact.
  5. Click "Apply" to add the contact to your list.
  6. You can always edit or delete a contact by coming back to the "Contacts" screen.

Some additional information

If your contact has registered an avatar against their email address at Gravatar, the avatar will appear after you enter their email address.

Contacts with a valid bitcoin address will appear (by name) in the dropdown address box if you want to send a payment or empty your wallet.

You may prefer not to store a fixed bitcoin address against any contact, as there are pros and cons to using bitcoin addresses more than once. For example, the MultiBit donation address has been used many times, but MultiBit HD generates a new receiving address each time you request a payment.