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The KeepKey hardware wallet provides a way of keeping your private keys off your desktop machine thereby improving your security.

To use a KeepKey device simply attach it using the USB cable (we recommend using a mobile phone cable for maximum reliability) and MultiBit will detect it automatically. After that all screens that involve private key operations (unlocking, sending, signing messages and so on) will prompt to use the device as part of the work flow.

Where possible MultiBit will attempt to match the screen showing on the KeepKey so you can be sure no tampering is occurring.

Buy KeepKey

We recommend that if you have more than 500 USD worth of bitcoin that you seriously consider purchasing one. You can start this process from within MultiBit by selecting this option and following the instructions.

Verify KeepKey

This option will allow you to inspect the "Features" of your KeepKey device so that you can tell what version it is, or the digital fingerprint of the internal firmware. Much of the information is highly technical and generally only needed if you are experiencing problems.

Wipe KeepKey

This option will allow you to wipe a KeepKey back to its factory settings.

Make sure you have a paper copy of your "wallet words" for the KeepKey before wiping!

Once a KeepKey device is wiped there is no going back to the earlier wallet without the "wallet words". If you find yourself needing to do this MultiBit does support KeepKey wallet words as part of the Restore process. See the related articles for more details.

The next time the KeepKey is attached MultiBit will prompt you to initialise the device with a fresh set of "wallet words" generated from the KeepKey itself. These are never revealed to MultiBit and remain private to the KeepKey device.

My KeepKey is very slow to respond

Sometimes if MultiBit is not shut down properly a connection can be held open to the KeepKey resulting in long delays during communication. The quickest way to resolve this is to simply detach the device and then reattach it. After that it should work as normal.

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