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A New Face For an Old Friend

June 15th 2016

This marks the beginning of a new chapter for MultiBit, at its new home: KeepKey. Gary Rowe and Jim Burton forged the path this far. Not enough can be said about the achievement these two created with MultiBit. KeepKey is now taking the reins, and our intention is to keep MultiBit great.

A New Look

MultiBit Bitcoin Wallet

We would like to introduce you to the new look for MultiBit. The first step in rolling out this change is a website refresh. In the coming weeks, we will be updating the application itself. Although we will alter the look and feel of MultiBit, you can be assured that KeepKey will closely follow the principles Jim and Gary wove into their software. At KeepKey, we believe in strong security AND strong privacy. You will continue to see improvements on both of these fronts.

A Sort-of-New Name

Going forward, MultiBit HD is dropping the 'HD'. We will now simply be called MultiBit. When you download the current version of MultiBit (v0.3.0), you will still see 'HD' in the name. The new name, similar to the new look, will be rolled out in our next release.