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MultiBit HD Release 0.3.0 is now available

April 18th 2016

We are pleased to announce the next MultiBit HD release (0.3.0) is available for download.

This release simplifies transaction fees - you now only pay the miner's transaction fee. Our micropayment client fee (generally known as BRIT) has been removed. This release also includes a number of bug fixes.

Summary of changes

Here is a quick summary of the changes contained in this release:

  • Remove BRIT and all related code - see later for details
  • Change to the software licence agreement - it is now pure MIT licence
  • Various user interface fixes
  • Localisation refresh
  • Various small bug fixes

Simplifying transaction fees - you pay only the miner's fee

After running the BRIT experiment for almost 2 years we have decided that it is too complicated for users and have removed it from MultiBit HD version 0.3.0 onwards. This simplifies sending bitcoin in MultiBit HD and in the transaction detail screens.

By removing this fee mechanism, leaving only the usual miner's fees, it will make it easier for users of the legacy code MultiBit Classic to upgrade to MultiBit HD. There is no significant cost in doing so and users gain significant improvements in security and user experience.

The source code to BRIT is still available on GitHub. All operational code has been removed from MultiBit HD and there will be no replacement for it in the future. MultiBit HD will now follow the same optional donation model as MultiBit Classic.

Pure MIT licence

As a result of the BRIT removal there is no longer a need for you to agree to a licence. The MIT licence confers upon you all rights to the source code without restriction and so there is no practical need for you to agree to any terms and conditions prior to downloading or using the software. Consequently the website and first use of the wallet have been simplified.

Semi-automatic update

We normally wait 24 hours after a release and then activate the semi-automatic upgrade process. You decide if the upgrade occurs. The upgrade process will not affect your wallet data. Only the application binaries will be upgraded.

You can find more details, including digital signatures, on the download page.

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