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MultiBit HD Release 0.2.0 is now available

February 12th 2016

We are pleased to announce the next MultiBit HD release (0.2.0) is available for download.

This release adds support for buying and selling bitcoin using Glidera along with a simple news alert for keeping up to date with activity in MultiBit.

Summary of changes

Here is a quick summary of the changes contained in this release:

  • Support added for Glidera - making it simple to buy and sell bitcoin
  • Simple Atom feed reader providing an alert when a new MultiBit article is available - controlled by preferences
  • Various user interface fixes
  • Localisation refresh, including adding support for Mongolian
  • Various small bug fixes

Glidera support

Many people have asked us for the ability to buy and sell bitcoin easily from MultiBit HD and after careful consideration we have selected Glidera as our partner to fulfil this feature. At the time of writing (Q1 2016) Glidera have strong coverage in the USA and Canada with more regions planned in the coming year.

As with all regulated financial services managing transactions in national currencies you will need to verify your identity during their account set up, but this information is not passed to MultiBit in any way. For more information, please refer to the Buy/Sell bitcoin help article.

News reader

We maintain an Atom feed (see link at the foot of the page) and many users have expressed an interest in having a basic news alerter directly within the application so that they can be kept up to date with developments. This is now available in version 0.2.0

Semi-automatic update

We normally wait 24 hours after a release and then activate the semi-automatic upgrade process. You decide if the upgrade occurs. The upgrade process will not affect your wallet data. Only the application binaries will be upgraded.

You can find more details, including digital signatures, on the download page.

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