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MultiBit HD Release 0.1.4 is now available

October 23rd 2015

We are pleased to announce the next MultiBit HD release (0.1.4) is available for download.

This release adds support for the KeepKey hardware wallet.

Summary of changes

Here is a quick summary of the changes contained in this release:

  • Support added for KeepKey hardware wallet - simply plug it in to use it
  • The minimum mining transaction fee has been raised to 5000 satoshi/KB (following the same change in Bitcoin Core)
  • Smartbit block explorer added
  • User interface fixes for when displaying payment requests
  • Localisation refresh, including adding support for Mongolian
  • Various small bug fixes

KeepKey support

Watch the video.

You can now use your KeepKey hardware wallet in MultiBit HD. It works in a similar manner to a Trezor hardware wallet. You can use it to sign your Bitcoin transactions.

To use your hardware wallet with MultiBit HD simply plug it in.

We have put together a short tutorial (4min) on YouTube which shows you how to pay with Bitcoin using MultiBit HD and KeepKey. Click on the image on the left to view. For the technically minded it also shows how the Bitcoin Payment Protocol is integrated.

There are more tutorials on our YouTube channel MultiBitOrg.

Increase in minimum mining transaction fee

Bitcoin Core has recently raised the minimum fee a transaction must have for it to be relayed by the Bitcoin network. It has been raised from 1000 satoshi/KB to 5000 satoshi/KB. The minimum amount in the MultiBit HD fee slider has thus been adjusted upwards. All this fee goes to the miners.

Semi-automatic update

We normally wait 24 hours after a release and then activate the semi-automatic upgrade process. You decide if the upgrade occurs. The upgrade process will not affect your wallet data. Only the application binaries will be upgraded.

You can find more details, including digital signatures, on the download page.

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