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MultiBit Classic Release 0.5.19 is now available

September 10th 2015

We are pleased to announce the next MultiBit Classic release (0.5.19) is available for download.

This update includes the ability to adjust your transaction fees.

Summary of fixes

Here is a quick summary of the changes contained in this release:

  • Adjust your transaction fees using a fee slider (backported from MultiBit HD)
  • Updated installer - no need to install a separate Java run time
  • Stronger branding as MultiBit Classic to help distinguish it from our new wallet, MultiBit HD
  • Link in header to make it easy for you to try MultiBit HD
  • Various bug fixes and small user interface tidy ups

Adjustable fees

MultiBit Classic previously had a fixed transaction fee rate of 0.000 1 BTC/KB (10 satoshi/byte). Nowadays a more flexible fee rate is required to cope with Bitcoin network stress tests etc. We have backported the MultiBit HD fee slider so that you can now adjust the transaction fee rate from:

  • Minimum: 0.000 01 BTC/KB (1 satoshi/byte)
  • Maximum: 0.000 5 BTC/KB (50 satoshi/byte)

You can adjust the fee rate with your mouse or the left and right arrows for fine adjustment.

You can find more details, including digital signatures, on the MultiBit Classic releases page.

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