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MultiBit HD Release 0.1 is now available

June 9th 2015

We are pleased to announce that MultiBit HD Release 0.1 is available for download.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated funds, time and effort to help us get to this stage. It's taken us 18 months of full time effort and we're proud of what we're able to share with the Bitcoin community.

Feature summary

Here are the important capabilities of MultiBit HD:

  • simple and intuitive user interface - big accessible controls each with a clear purpose
  • no worrying about losing private keys any more - use your "wallet words" (seed phrase) to restore them
  • fast and lightweight block chain download just like MultiBit Classic (SPV) about 25MB overall
  • private Contacts database with private notes and tags
  • private Payments database with integrated exchange rates
  • adjustable fees
  • adjustable units (support for bits, ubits, millis etc)
  • integrated exchange rates from multiple exchanges to support national currencies
  • export transactions with spot rates to a financial package in standard CSV format
  • themes to suit different lighting conditions
  • detailed integrated Help if you get stuck
  • available in many languages

Disaster recovery features

Everybody experiences data loss at some point. Here is how you are shielded from this using MultiBit HD:

  • you lose your password - click Restore on credentials screen and recover it from local backup with your "wallet words" (seed phrase)
  • you delete all your local backups (hard drive error) - automatic restore from cloud backup
  • you delete all your local and cloud backups (stolen laptop) - select "Restore from wallet words" and follow the instructions
  • you forget your wallet words - unlock your firesafe and retrieve the laminated paper copy you made
  • you lose your Trezor - restore the Trezor wallet from your "wallet words" and move the bitcoins to safety

Technical details

More technically minded readers will want to know that we support the following:

  • open source under modified MIT licence
  • pure SPV - connect directly to the Bitcoin network
  • random peer discovery (plus it will use your local Bitcoin Core if you are running one)
  • Tor support out of the box (optional)
  • Trezor support out of the box (just plug it in)
  • all data is encrypted locally using entropy gathered from your wallet words (12, 18 or 24)
  • hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet support BIP32 and BIP44 (account 1 only in each case because it's SPV)
  • all data automatically backed up to a location of your choice (encrypted)
  • detailed transaction information
  • support for BIP21/72 links and Payment Protocol BIP70
  • multiple block explorers
  • sign/verify of Bitcoin messages - use Copy/Paste All to fill all fields in one click
  • simple self-contained installer for Windows, OS X and Linux with semi-automatic updates
  • various wallet management tools such as emptying a wallet with accurate fee calculation
  • integrated error reporting over HTTPS providing GPG encrypted anonymised logs

Overall, this is a desktop wallet that is suitable for everyone and we hope you enjoy trying it out.

Hashes and signatures

The release file containing the SHA256 hashes of all the binaries, bitcoin signed by the donation address is available here

Next steps

Our next goal is to reach Release 0.2 which will have a bunch of new and interesting features. If you want to keep an eye on progress, please "watch" our GitHub repository and use the Milestones view.

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