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MultiBit HD Beta 8 Released

April 14th 2015

We are pleased to announce the Beta 8 release of MultiBit HD. This release includes support for the Bitcoin standard "Payment Protocol" (BIP 70). This standard enables merchants to provide signed payment requests with lots of features like memos, refund addresses, receipts etc.

MultiBit HD Beta 8 is available for download from our beta site.

Let us know on our issue database if something is not working for you so we can fix it before MultiBit HD goes on more general release.

Changes from Beta 7

  • Update to support Trezor 1.3.3 firmware on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Support for Bitcoin payment protocol (BIP 70) - see separate blog article linked below
  • Improved BIP32 wallet compatibility - see separate blog article linked below
  • You can now sign messages using your Trezor
  • Various improvements to syncing, a splash screen at start up, bug fixes etc.

The complete list can be viewed on the download page

Hashes and signatures

The release file containing the SHA256 hashes of all the binaries, bitcoin signed by the donation address is available here

Next steps

Our next goal is to reach Release 0.1, at which point we will offer MultiBit HD on our main site ( The original version of MultiBit (now called MultiBit Classic) will still be available. If you want to keep an eye on progress, please "watch" our GitHub repository and use the Milestones view.

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