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MultiBit HD Beta 5 Released

February 4th 2015

We are proud to announce that MultiBit HD Beta 5 is now available for download from our beta site.

Please note that although we have conducted extensive user testing through our Private Beta Group there may be occasional user interface issues depending on your operating system. We welcome any feedback through the issue database so do let us know if something isn't working for you.


  • Suitable for mainstream users
  • Out of the box Trezor support on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Uses hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet standards (BIP32 and BIP44 for account 1 only)
  • All wallet data encrypted and backed up locally
  • Support for automatic locally encrypted cloud backups through SpiderOak, Dropbox and so on
  • Configurable to suit your preferences
  • Multiple exchanges to allow conversion to national currencies using XChange library
  • No servers just the Bitcoin network using the Bitcoinj library
  • Multiple languages provided by our volunteer translators


Using the experience gained from the creation of MultiBit Classic we have been working full time on producing a wallet that makes Bitcoin accessible for ordinary mainstream users. Our mission was to remove as much complexity and unnecessary functionality as possible leaving only what is essential for a normal user of Bitcoin. We think that MultiBit HD achieves that goal.

We decided very early on to integrate support for the Trezor hardware wallet as it ensures a safe place to store private keys while still allowing for a smooth user experience when spending occurs.

This software is beta so remember to only use it with small amounts of bitcoin at this stage.

Next steps

Our next goal is to reach Release 1 which will have support for Payment Protocol (BIP70) among other useful features. If you want to keep an eye on progress, please "watch" our GitHub repository and use the Release 0.1 milestone.

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