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MultiBit HD Sneak Preview

March 17th 2014

We've been asked quite a few times about progress with MultiBit HD, the replacement for the current MultiBit Classic. To show that we're hard at work for the Bitcoin community here is a sneak preview of MultiBit HD and some of its many features. If you'd like to join in with testing (and get your name on the contributors list) please get in touch through our support page.

The above shows the wallet detail screen with some payments going on. As those familiar with MultiBit Classic can tell, we have completely redesigned the user interface to modernise it without making it too different. If you don't like the "light" theme shown, you can always switch to the "dark" theme for low light conditions.

Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets do a great job of hiding away the mechanics of Bitcoin and promote the idea of multiple "accounts" arranged in a similar manner to files and folders in a standard desktop. By having the sidebar follow this metaphor we can provide support for multiple nested accounts (which can be synchronized with other wallets compatible with BIP32/39 standards). It also allows us to support hardware wallets such as the Trezor.

Everybody has a different way of wanting to display their balances and this is especially true when dealing with different countries and languages. Users of MultiBit HD can now fine tune their own display to exactly match what they want. Support is in place for millis, mikes and satoshis along with different presentation styles including the icon, "BTC" and "XBT".

Naturally MultiBit HD will be available in our full range of 35+ languages. If you would like to take part in the translation project, and earn some coins for your trouble, please sign up to the translation tool and let us know your chosen language using the contact page linked above.

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