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MultiBit downloads reach 1.5 million

March 10th 2014

We were asked recently how many downloads there had been of MultiBit since its inception back in April 2011. To answer this Jim went off into the website download stats archive (and various Tweets of important milestones) and discovered that MultiBit has been downloaded over 1.5 million times.

In the very early days MultiBit was only used by the Bitcoinj mailing list. We don't have records from then so Jim put the downloads to be 'tiny'. They were probably less than a 100 a month. We also uncovered the first reference to MultiBit from that archive.

The Bitcoin booms of April 2013 and November 2013 show up quite clearly. The big bump in late 2013 was caused by MultiBit becoming the recommended desktop client on

The figures have been adjusted down to take into account various DoS attacks and are based on the overall bandwidth attributed to the various installers rather than an arbitrary hit count which is quite misleading.

Currently the MultiBit development team are working hard on the next version of MultiBit (called MultiBit HD) which is targeted for mainstream Bitcoin users across the world. It will be fascinating to see what this chart looks like in 12 months time.

As Bitcoiners we should all remember that the effort that we are putting in does make a difference. Some of us are developers, others designers, accountants, lawyers, journalists, merchants and so on.

Working together we are changing the world.

Here are the supporting numbers

Apr to Oct 2011tiny
Nov 2011200
Dec 2011500
Jan 2012600
Feb 2012700
Mar 2012800
Apr 20121,000
May 20121,200
Jun 20121,500
Jul 20122,200
Aug 20123,000
Sep 20123,300
Oct 20123,600
Nov 20123,900
Dec 20124,200
Jan 20134,600
Feb 20138,800
Mar 201326,000
Apr 201373,200
May 201350,600
Jun 201334,100
Jul 201375,000
Aug 2013103,500
Sep 201371,400
Oct 201397,200
Nov 2013330,000
Dec 2013298,600
Jan 2014131,900
Feb 2014132,400
(incomplete) Mar 201453,200