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Amsterdam Bitcoin Conference 2013 (MultiBit and Trezor)

September 27th 2013

Over the course of 3 days in September 2013 the MultiBit team attended the European Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam.

Day 1 - We've got a Trezor

During lunch slush provided the MultiBit team with some uncased Trezor devices. This is for the ongoing work between the MultiBit and Trezor development teams to integrate a hardware wallet into the MultiBit wallet.

If you're a developer interested in integrating Trezor (or similar) into your code, you should use the MBHD Hardware library from Bitcoin Solutions (the UK limited company behind MultiBit). It's free, open source under the MIT license, and it'll save you a lot of time.

Day 2 - We hooked it up to MultiBit

We had a short time to break away and do some hacking on the code and decided to see if we could integrate MultiBit with a Trezor. We only wanted to get a basic connect/disconnect event working and were pleased to find that this turned out to be straightforward.

Day 3 - Decided that BIP32 wallets were the way forward

We had a long think about how to get Trezor working with MultiBit and decided that it would not be possible with the current random private key version. It was time to put MultiBit Classic to one side and start work on MultiBit HD.